If you’ve been the first whanau to arrive to kindergarten on any given day you may have found the teaching team gathered around a candle in our wharekai (dining and kitchen space).  Whilst the kindergarten day begins for tamariki at 8.30am, kaiako arrive around 8am and we come together to begin our day with lighting a candle, and sharing a verse.

Into our thinking let there flow light,

Into our feeling let there flow warmth,

Into our willing let there flow strength,

That with enlightened purpose,

We may nurture ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and the earth,

Caring with hearts love,

Bringing peace, joy, wisdom and humour in all things.

Adapted from a verse shared by Rudolf Steiner

It’s a really special time of the day, we look at the day ahead, and all that it may bring.  New tamariki may be visiting or beginning their journey with us, there’ll be tamariki who have new challenges needing extra love and support, or something we as kaiako may need support with or wisdom from our fellows during our day.  We might share an echo from the night, thoughts that came to us upon waking to a new day.  It’s a deeply connecting time, and helps us to prepare for receiving each tamaiti and whanau with the reverence deserved.

Bringing our connection time to a close before 8.30am, we can then be fully present to welcome the kindergarten day and all that it brings.

One of the kaiako will move onto to checking the kindergarten, looking for any potential hazards that might cause harm.  Tree health is monitored, fallen branches from a tree removed, animal droppings are looked for around the grounds, the temperature of the fridge is checked (to keep food safe), all doors and gates are checked to ensure they are functioning as they should, and our indoor spaces are checked for warmth (or cooling) depending on the season.  We invite whanau to raise any concerns they may have in regards to our physical environment, sometimes with such deep familiarity of our space, we don’t see things the way whanau do.

We feel blessed to be gifted tamariki to nurture each day, it’s deeply rewarding work.  We also cherish working alongside each other as kaiako, with a philosophy that equally holds and nurtures us.

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