Steiner Education begins with the idea that human beings are physical as well as spiritual beings. Therefore the ‘spiritual’ education is not left out of our curriculum.  Although we are not religious in the normal sense of the word and certainly do not subscribe to any particular bent, we do have an active spiritual life, based on the three important spiritual values or qualities of reverence, wonder and gratitude.

Through our seasons, the festival table at kindergarten, stories, waiata and verses we bring a sense of the season or festival celebration to the children in a non-intellectual way.

Festivals celebrated at the kindergarten are:

  • Autumn Festival in May at the Waipahihi Botanical Gardens
  • Winter Lantern Festival in July at the Tauhara Centre
  • Spring Festival in October at Zuvuyaland
  • Summer Festival February/March in our backyard at kindergarten

Festivals involve the whole community, you’ll find whanau and tamariki who are at the very beginning of their time with us alongside whanau who have moved on to school, returning to connect with old friends.  the older children delight in returning back to a place they visit each year, it’s a time to reflect and celebrate a passage of time.

Our festivals at Four Seasons are a ceremonial rite rather than a performance, and are followed by a shared meal and time for the community to come together.  Children delight in seeing their whanau connecting with their kindergarten friends families.  A deep sense of belonging is created and we see this as being so nourishing for our community.  Join us!  You’ll find details about the upcoming festival on our facebook page.

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