Our approach with the young child here at Four Seasons is one that nurtures and respects that the early years in life are to be protected. We believe that much of the ‘adult world’ is one that is best filtered for tamariki.  Whilst we would love to imagine that an event such as the deep tragedy that occurred in Christchurch earlier this year would never occur in our beautiful part of the country, it would be remiss of us to not consider and have a plan and procedure to protect tamariki and kaiako.

With deep consideration and also advice from the Ministry of Education along with findings from a report compiled after the Christchurch tragedy, we have come to finalise our Lockdown Policy.  This policy and procedure will be revised annually, with a drill undertaken with kaiako and tamariki quarterly.

We will always notify whanau ahead of time that we are going to practise our Lockdown procedure, and rest assured, that whilst tamariki will hear the words ”Lockdown”, we will not bring into consciousness the reality behind these words.  To our tamariki, it’s a time where we listen very closely to the korero of our kaiako, we all stop what we are doing and oh so quietly make our way upstairs into our playgroup space where we make sure that all our friends are with us.  Then we get to go back down into our kindergarten to play again.

As with all our policies and procedures, we welcome feedback and suggestions from our community.  With the sensitivity regarding this policy, we invite conversation away from the delicate ears of tamariki so please connect with Traceylee in the office or request a time to meet with kaiako so that space can be made away from the group of children.

Lockdown Policy

KPMG Report


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