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13 March 2018, 7.30pm

Our first parent evening for 2018.  We find our parent evenings both inspiring for ourselves as a teaching team, as well as for our parent community. The strengthening of the bridge between whanau and the kindergarten teachers is such an important part of the fabric that makes up the world in which the kindergarten aged child lives.

The overwhelm of boys

We recently held a parent evening; the Overwhelm of Boys.  A great talk by Kim John Payne from Simplicity Parenting.  We could hardly believe it when we ran out of space in our kindergarten to fit everyone in.  We are happy to share this talk again upon request.  If you would like to be added to our e-news so you can keep up to date with our events and parent evenings, please let Traceylee know by emailing her here.

To view the trailer for the talk, click here.  And here's another wonderful talk by Kim about screens and the role that technology plays in our fast paced world today.

Managing risk

Nathan Mikaere-Wallis

Nathan Mikaere-Wallis has some great words on risk taking, when to let children make mistakes and when to step in.  You can listen to the interview below.

the twelve senses

Notes from our parent evening - may 2016

Marjorie Theyer from the Steiner Federation of New Zealand visited our kindergarten and spoke to a room filled with parents and teachers.  You'll find notes from the talk here.  If you would like a hard copy, please email the office and we'll happily send them to you.

Learning & Teaching in a Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten

Notes from our parent evening - June 2015

Jo shared how the young child learns through imitation and example.  You'll find the notes here

Retha shared how rhythm and repetition supports learning for the young child.  You'll find the notes here.

Fenella shared about self-directed play.  You'll find notes about self-directed play here.

nathan mikaere-wallis

Nathan is regularly a guest on Kathryn Ryan's Nine to Noon Radio NZ programme.  

Here's a link to an interview Nathan did with Kathryn in 2014. 'What 3-7 year old's need to learn'.

A wonderful interview 'Brain development in the first 3 years of life'.

Risk and Resilience

Our last parent evening for 2014 focussed on 5 areas of childhood.  Jo Oats shared the value of How falling can be good for the young child.  You'll find the notes here.

Parents evening april 2014

'The Journey of the Kindergarten Child' was our topic for our first parents evening 2014.  Each of our teaching team shared a little about some integral parts of what a child will experience and be surrounded by here at Four Seasons Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten.

The notes about Rhythm and Routine are available here or here as a downloadable PDF.

The notes about Self Directed Play are available here or here as a downloadable PDF.

The notes about Imitation and Example are available here or here as a downloadable PDF.

Copies of the notes are available in a hard copy from the parents library shelf in the foyer at kindergarten.  Please feel free to help yourselves to any of these.

The older kindergarten child

Here you will find a link to notes from our last parent evening held in term 4, 2013.  Please click here if you would like to download a copy of the notes.

mary willow articles

Mary Willow facilitated an enlightening parenting workshop in June 2013 and has shared her thoughts on how we can implement some routine into our mornings and bring a peaceful start to our days.  We have also been given an equally insightful article on creating harmonious afternoon and evening routines.  You'll find Mary's articles available from the Kindergarten.  Please pick up a copy from the green whanau folder on our bookshelf in the foyer.

a journey we make together

We believe that a partnership between home and kindergarten establishes a solid foundation for children's learning and provides the best outcomes for children and families. Teachers are happy to chat with you before and after the daily session. Sometimes these times can be too busy and we are more than happy to meet with you outside of session times.

Your Child has a journey book that our three teachers contribute into.  This is available for you at any time to view, take home and share with other family members.  We ask parents to contribute to these and they are a beautiful vehicle that documents your child’s journey with us at the kindergarten.

We also write a regular kindergarten newsletter which is distributed throughout the community.  Please click here and sign up if you would like to receive our newsletters.

Each term we hold a Parents Education session.  These cover a variety of topics relating to parenting, Steiner education, holistic health, children’s development.  These sessions are a beautiful way to get to know other the families and the teaching team at Four Seasons Kindergarten.  If there is a particular topic you would like to see covered, please let us know.

Anyone is welcome to our Parent Education sessions.  You may have a child on our waiting list or be thinking about choosing our kindergarten for your child.  We recognise that the wider whanau help to raise our children and welcome any family members or caregivers to our parenting evenings and workshops. 

These events are a perfect opportunity to learn more about what, how and why we do what we do.

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