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Four seasons play group

This is a lovely opportunity for Mum's, Dad's, Grandparent's and Littlies to come upstairs in the Kindy house and share a relaxed friendly time together.

It’s a chance to meet others, learn new crafts sympathetic to the Steiner philosophy and gradually come to understand more about Rudolf Steiner education. The morning is led by April Smith who has been involved with Steiner education for many years.

There is a simple rhythm to the morning which includes a time for singing some songs, sharing a snack of fruit and freshly baked bread rolls (brought up to us by some of the Kindergarten children from downstairs) and an oral story.  We finish our morning with exploring the kindergarten back yard garden.  The kindergarten children move inside from their morning play around 10.20am, letting us free to enjoy the space on our own.

Also this is an opportunity for you and the children to meet the Kindergarten teachers, as quite frequently one of the three will attend the morning. This is particularly valuable for your child in the transition into the Kindergarten itself if you have chosen Four Seasons Kindergarten for your child.

So, if this sounds appealing to you, please come and join us upstairs at the Four Seasons Kindergarten on a Monday morning from 9am onwards to 11am. Bring some fruit to share and the cost for each session is $5, or you may pay per term which reduces the cost to $4 per session.

Please visit the Playgroup's facebook page for more information and you can email the playgroup leader

Our kindergarten grew into the place it is now thanks to the vision and dedication of many parents who supported the Four Seasons Playgroup over many years. Our thanks and gratitude to those who shared in the vision for a Steiner approach to educating children in Taupo.

our first session for 2015 - read about it here.

craft for sale

We now have a new Craft Shop, it's small, but there. It is upstairs in the Kindy house, you'll find April's handmade dolls and the Playgroup's crafts. We'd love you to remember these are available when you next are needing presents for your Little Ones.

The Craft and Play Group is upstairs on a Monday morning so this is the best time to come up and have a look, or you can arrange  with the Kindy teachers to look at a time which suits you. Payments are by cash only and you'll see the appropriate jars for the money. April will also take orders for the large dolls with limbs, hair and clothes, like those used in the Kindy.




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