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what is the 'royal play club'?

by april smith

The 'Royal Play Club' is especially for those children who have been at our Kindy, who have moved onto school.  Royal Play Club is held on  specific Saturday mornings throughout the year from 9.30am - 12.30pm. 

The main purpose of the Royal Play Club is to provide that wonderful 'free play' space that the children loved and benefited so much from having and, which you will be well aware of now, is just not part of the school curriculum.

It is also an opportunity for the children to meet up with their 'old friends' again.

I recognise that the transition from Kindy to school is a huge adjustment for the children and they will now be used to different routines from those of their Kindy days. So we will begin our morning slightly differently with the children when they arrive, so that they also recognise that they are being treated in a different way than the 'little Kindy children'. But the main free play time will offer the same opportunities and there will be bread roll making, a shared morning tea and a story to finish, with painting on wet days.

The time will be 9.30am to 12.30pm and a maximum of 10 children to a session. The cost is $10 to cover April's time, craft materials and baking.  As these mornings are very popular, it's best to rsvp early.  We usually have a waiting list for children to attend so 48 hours notice is requested if your child is unable to attend.

Our sessions for the remainder of 2015 are as follows:

  • 29 August
  • 19 September
  • 31 October
  • 21 November

I will need a parent to help for each morning so if anyone would like to do this please let us know.  The cost for your child to attend if you are the helper is $5 for the morning.

Please let Traceylee know if you would like your child to come along.

from the Kindy's Fairy Godmother, April :)

You can email Traceylee: to register your interest.

OUr first play club

We held our first ‘Play Club’ session on Saturday 10th May.  It was such a joy to see seven older children return to this familiar environment and see them so happy in their play again. We began with a slice of apple and our ‘Royal Meeting’, where crowns were worn and where we helped each other remember behaviour appropriate to the Kindy.

Then it was playtime, inside or outside. We let the children open the sandpit and the shed themselves.  Great lakes appeared in the sandpit, a ’hole to China’ was dug, the eggs were collected and the chickens given a warm cuddle. 

We shared a lovely morning tea of fruit ,bread rolls and friendship. Next was the ‘Royal Storytime' where a 20 minute version of Puss in Boots was told to a captive audience.  We finished off with a couple of old favourite ‘Kindy games’. The children left with smiles on their faces and Rachel (my helper for the day) and I left with a big smiles in our hearts.

So a BIG thankyou must go to all three of the lovely Kindy teachers, Fenella, Jo and Retha, for creating such a supportive, loving atmosphere during the childrens’ Kindy time which leads to them returning with such warm familiarity and emotional security.

Please let us know in advance if your child would like to come along; email the kindergarten here.  We have space for 10 children.

Queen April

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